Safety & Security

Protect your investment

You have invested your hard earned income into your home, business, farm and/or assets. It’s a wise choice if you decide to protect your investment.

Plunket Appliances & Data are your local specialists in security systems

Touch pad alarm system
Residential & Commercial Security Systems

Whether it be a simple motion detector camera and recorder for the front door at home, or a sophisticated high definition multi camera setup linked to a monitored alarm system, we can tailor a system to suit your situation

Alarms, Access Control & Monitoring
  • Full supply and installation of security alarm systems
  • Door swipe card entry systems
  • Gate alarms and controllers
  • Finger print controllers
  • And many more options available
Plunket Appliance & Data supply Security Systems for your business or farm

We have every type of camera available including;

  • Single battery operated cameras; great for hunters and/or remote sites
  • Affordable entry level cameras, through to top quality high definition cameras
  • Smart phone applications and PC software available for monitoring/remote viewing
  • Agents for Bosch camera systems
Fire Alarm Systems

Residential Systems

  • Smoke and/or Heat detectors
  • These can be connected to security system and monitored


Commercial Systems

  • As per NZ Standards (NZS4512)
  • Analogue systems
  • Addressable systems
  • Monthly tests
  • Maintenance
  • System additions, relocations, and changes

Licensed security consultants & technicians

(required by NZ law)

If you install a security system with the possibility that its evidence may being used for legal purposes, you must have your system installed by a Licenced technician.

Plunket Appliances & Data are licenced to supply and install such a system

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