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Experienced Electricians

Plunket Electrical Group has been servicing the North Otago, Waitaki Valley, South Canterbury areas & Mackenzie Basin for more than 80 years.

Decades of experience in the dairy and irrigation sectors


We have a fantastic team of rural specialist electricians & technicians with years of experience in rural repairs, installations, rewiring and maintenance. That includes all parts of properties including dairy sheds, pump sheds, irrigation systems, security systems, CCTV, other plant and farm houses.

Every business needs quality plant and reliable supply

Commercial & Industrial

Every business needs quality plant and reliable supply. Most importantly they need a sparky they can trust, someone they can ring when the lights goes out, the production line stops, or any other inconvenience that could affect your bottom line.

Your home is your pride & joy, we aim to treat it as though it were our own


The Plunket Electrical Group has worked on enough homes to understand that everyone has their own taste, flair, needs and wants!

If you are building a new home you can bring us your design or sit down with us and start with a blank canvas, we will work with you to design the lighting, power, heating and all other related services. Then during the build you will have important decisions to make whether it be control of lighting, positions of services, colours and designs of lighting & switchgear etc. From concept to the day you move in our team is here to work with you to play our part in providing the home that you dreamed of!